Monday, August 27, 2012

My Most Favourite Store Ever

I know. Big statement. But true. 

Their most unassuming website does not prepare one for the real life experience.

I didn't even get to the furniture...

... I just wept over the lights.

Every style you could imagine....

... all there in the one magical emporium.

It truly was an 'Aladdin's Cave'.

People were so calm walking around... as if it was nothing to them....
..... like it's normal to have all this choice!!!!!.... these prices. Weep.

My legs were weak after the whole, emotionally draining experience.
The doorman had a giggle and offered me a chair.
I felt like Crocodile Dundee.

It is 7.03am and I am in 'the shed'. Tuesdays are like that. Guitar Ensemble at 7am so shed at 7.01am
Unpacking some new goodies. After my ABC Carpet and Home experience I am so inspired to expand my range.... as best I can.... here.... in this lighting wasteland we call Australia.

Starting today.

Stay tuned!



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