Monday, August 13, 2012

So, Can I Blog?..... 10,000 feet up in the air?......somewhere over America?

You betcha I can! How cool is life on this planet?! Skype works up here. Twitter works up here. Instagram doesn't. Photos take forever to load up...but hey, I have the time.

Concierge fixing up my helmet for me. He matched the bike.
So, my yesterday? I took the hotel bike out for the whole day. Headed through Central Park to the Hudson River and down the Hudson River bikeway, all the way down to the West Village. I had my 'last full day in New York' breakfast in a lovely little cafe....and then rode wherever my bike took me! I got lost. It was great. I headed back up town and spent the afternoon in Central Park where I met a lovely couple from Washington, who took my photo so I could prove to my boys, I really did go over to the other side of the world.

West Village

How good are the bike lanes?
This is 1st ave. Bike lane goes all the way up town!
I have heaps more photos...but I think I am done with Blogsy crashing. 1 hour until I get into LA. Sort of nearly home!

Skyping and tweeting and blogging has made the time go really fast.

I will check in when I am finally home.

Cheers from the skies!

A-M xx

PS. Mum, I tried skyping you from the plane but you were out and about!


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