Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday Nook

This Monday's Nook can be found on page 150 of this month's Australian 'Home Beautiful' old pantry, now owned by someone else....and most likely not featuring my Masterfoods slow cooker recipe bases! How embarrassment. I should have tidied up the pantry drawers before they took the photos. Recipe bases, tuna, arborio rice, two minute noodles! What was I thinking? Where was I?

Anyway, good old Home Beautiful is the 'gift that keeps on giving'...the glamour continues! You can find the whole pantry feature above in the September Home Beautiful, on the shelves now.

Monday again! Boy the weekends go fast! We had a great weekend.......friends birthday parties, soccer games, family time and sailing trips....and I got some seriously delicious time to myself, which I have been missing since my solo trip to New York and The Hamptons ....two weeks ago now! Do you scheme time by yourself?... I'm getting really good at it now! ....any excuse!

I have lots to talk about this week...lots of blog fodder, thanks to my trip. I will share some more of the Hampton Designer Showhouse and a beautiful interiors shop in New York that stopped me in my tracks!

Have great day! Happy Monday!

A-M xx

P.S. I know, I'm using Blogsy again. We've made up. Sort of. It's ok when you only have one photo to load up!



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