Monday, September 17, 2012

Win A $500 Masters Home Improvement Voucher For A Spring Room Makeover

As you know, I have jumped on this 'Spring Cleaning/Decluttering Bandwagon' with gusto. 

No corner of my little home has been spared.... pared down to within an inch of it's life!

Oh what a tangled web I wove.

Let's see how long this neatness will last.

Oh I was ruthless with my make-up drawer! 

Those 'minimalists' are right. You only need one of what you need. 
Seriously culled.

So when Masters Home Improvement asked me if I was up for a 'Spring Room Makeover' in my home, I jumped at the opportunity to 'refresh' an area of my home that seriously needs it. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.

Thanks to Masters, I have been given vouchers to make over an area of my home! I know! Hooray! ... and I get to do it from my sofa and shop for it all online. 

As we are temporarily in our abode, until we move closer to the boys new schools next year, my makeover has to be portable.... so I chose my non existent outdoor area to 'refresh'. Bit of an easy 'before' shot ... as my outdoor area is sadly lacking .... well, actually, it's non existent ... as all my outdoor furniture stayed with 'The House' when it was sold.

My sweet little niece has been helping me decide what we should do about this area.
Love another girl's input. Not too many girls around here.

So I set myself my own brief ... makeover a little slab of tiled concrete, outside my dining area, where the stinky soccer boots go, when they're too bad to even leave in the garage ... and where the Eastern Brown snakes slither up along the side of the house to settle in under the hot water system. It has to be a  portable makeover ... everything has to be able to be relocated to my next 'little outdoor area'... which I have yet to meet!

I have been seriously stalking the Masters Website... which is growing by the day. Every time I head over there, there are new goodies. 

I'm so going to be using these somewhere, for sure. HERE.

... with these on top. HERE. 
Love a good Ligustrum Ball. Even better when they are not alive and you can't kill them!

Now, you know how I feel about THESE, as I have been scheming something with these since my Masters Fathers Day Post. They are the New Season stock, due in any day now. Yeah, I'm stalking. Kathy, from Masters Home Improvement, Tingalpa and I?... instant new best friends. She's going to let me know when they come in. I think they are timeless... I can see them in a French garden, on a Hamptons deck or even on a tiled concrete slab outside a Brisbane home in a snake ridden, leafy suburb!

Masters have New Season stock arriving daily, right up until Christmas. I so hope my coveted 'French' chairs weren't the last on the truck. 

Look, they even have little adirondacks for the kidlets HERE.  So cute! I digress. 

I'm also keen to fit a BBQ in this area too, somehow.... to ensure that we use our new space often.

This beauty is only $146....

...or should I get a Weber?
 Easier to tuck in a corner? Doesn't overwhelm the tiny space.
 Tell me.

But wait there's more! Here's the best bit! Masters are going to give one of my lucky readers a $500 voucher to do the very same.. makeover an area of their home with all the fabulous products from the Masters website. You can choose any room inside or outside your home.

All you have to do, to win a $500 Masters voucher, is leave a comment on this post in the comments section, stating your favourite pick/s from the Masters website, HERE, and how you would use that item/items to refresh the look of your home. Easy!

You can decorate your home with wallpaper, paint, carpet, rugs, floor, wall and ceiling lighting, cushions, joinery, outdoor furniture and even partitions from Masters. Masters has over 35,000 products in store and more than 15,000 of them are now online.... heaps to choose from!

Masters will draw a winner from a short list I pick from your entries. Entries close 5pm, 24th September.... and the following week, I'll share with you my little Masters Spring Makeover!

Have fun, good luck.... and Happy Spring!

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Masters Home Improvement
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