Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What To Do With The Trolls?

A few readers emailed me yesterday to tell me how much they love hearing about my life..... and my boys, when I do talk about them here. They said they missed hearing about my boys antics. Yeah, I don't talk about my boys as much here these days. I suppose I have pandered to the 'trolls'.

One says that she is sick of me speaking about my boys as if they are 'perfect'....and that's not the half of her complaints about the way I live my life. Another stalks me on twitter and says the most vile things about my teenage son and his father. 'His'? abusive scripts run very similar to the 'Karen Rogers' stalker material I have been experiencing over the last year (although she has morphed into many anon and international! identities now). Maybe she's roped him in as she wasn't getting anywhere with her own antics (which included calling family services on me and trying to get my boys taken off me).

Why? Who are these people? .. and why does the way I live my life offend them so?

What do we do with them? Do we ignore them. as everyone is preaching, following the horrific Charlotte Dawson experience... or do we out them? I know who mine are. My protective friends have been the best online detectives and have found out everything about them.

"Don't feed the trolls?" By not feeding one of mine, she has resorted to absolutely desperate measures to get to me, to bring me down, to teach me a lesson? Why are these people so interested in seeing me fall?... in my personal life and my work. To be honest, it has changed the way I blog here... whether I consciously admit it or not.

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And I am ashamed to say that some of my responses to my trolls have been less than lady like. I have screamed and fought and name-called in my emails back to them. They have made me someone I am not, when fear for my family has gripped me and I have been desperate to identify them and scare them away. Once you have been trolled, you are never the same... this isn't as beautiful a place as it was 5 years ago when we were all friends. My words don't flow as freely here as they used to.

The reason I wrote this short post this morning?... I wanted to talk about my boys and what's happening in my life... but the thought of the troll onslaught stopped me. One is a mother at my boys' school. We're leaving the school next year. As Charlotte Dawson said on 60 Minutes the other night, 'You Win'.

So that's where I'm at, at the moment. You?



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