Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Speaking Of Fine Craftsmanship...

I want to do something like this off the main bedroom at the back of my next house, as it will be elevated with city views.

.... I tell you who'd be building my next home if I lived in Louisville, Kentucky! Stonecroft Homes. In a heartbeat. I stalk their instagram feed..... which never fails to stop my heart.

Beautiful homes in various stages of construction. Heck, I get excited when they post a concept drawing or a picture of a building at sarking stage! It's wonderful to follow their building projects on instagram you only ever really see the completed product on their website.

And I must say, I am most impressed with their lighting choices.....

.... not to mention their trim work!.... still heart....

.... and their beautiful kitchens!

They build some spectacularly grand homes, but this one is one of my favourites. Wooldridge Place. A custom home.

I love this design. This would be perfect for my block. I'd just flip it to the mirror image and continue the porch around the corner, as my block is a corner block. It would fit right in with the Brisbane character code and please our council no end!

Take a wander through it HERE, on their website. I wouldn't change a thing. I have mentally moved all my furniture in. Oh the daydreams! 

Their instagram feed is: @stonecrofthomes. Jason Black, I'm stalking you! ...... all the way from Australia..... and I think you know it! I'm the one who leaves the 'hyperventilating' comments.

Happy Thursday!



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